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Community Engaged Learning
This course will cover the issues of refugees on three specific areas – human rights, health and crime. Human rights issues will be related to social and political analysis of colonization, war and displacement. Health related topics would be health concerns among refugees, the impact of displacement on health, and culturally appropriate care for refugees. The crime part will involve violence against refugees, the belief that refugees increase crime in a resettlement country, human trafficking and refugees and refugees and criminal law. Geographically, this course will focus on refugee groups in Asia (e.g. Myanmar, Bhutan, Vietnam, Cambodia), Latin America (e.g. El Salvador, Venezuela), the Middle East (e.g. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan) and Africa (e.g. Congo, Somalia). The receiving countries/region will include North America (the US and Canada), European Union, Asia (e.g. Japan, Bangladesh, Thailand), and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand). There will be guest speakers who will address community implications for refugee resettlements and other topics.