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Prerequisites: Full Major status in Architecture.
This course teaches beginning students the principles of architectural design and the design process in a studio setting. Students will work through projects introducing both a depth and breadth of knowledge relative to design fundamentals through hands-on application. In this course, process is valued as highly as product for ideas and applications because it is critical to students' development. This includes the ability to be self-critical, to cycle through multiple iterations of a design concept, to look to precedent and be able to adapt and adopt these into their own work. The objectives of this course are to teach students the basic skills of architectural composition and representation; an awareness of the role of program in architecture; and an awareness of the interaction between buildings and their context. Technical skills that will be introduced include plan, section and elevation; form generation and its relationship to space making and program; basic material properties; fundamentals of different envelope assemblies and structural systems; model-making skills (both physical and computer-generated); modes of representation (both digital and analog); and collaboration and teamwork skills related to group projects. Projects will be conducted at both the 1:1 as well as conceptual scales through design-build projects in collaboration with community partners and proposals for building projects at more of a theoretical scale. Students must concurrently enroll in ARCH 3050 and ARCH 3216.