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Quantitative Intensive BS
This course is an introduction to quantitative and statistical methods for the analysis of social and political phenomena. Its purpose is to familiarize students with the nuts and bolts of research design, probability and statistics, random probability sampling, hypothesis testing, bivariate and multivariate analysis, and diagnostics. This course takes a hands-on approach, and will also teach students how to use modern statistical software to write statistical code, import and clean quantitative datasets, and conduct original analysis that meets the standards of data transparency and reproducibility. In other words, this course takes a consciously applied approach to teaching these methods. Beyond the basics of quantitative methods and research design, this course will also examine how and if such methods are appropriate for the analysis of identities and similarly complex social phenomena – both as independent variables (explanatory factors) and dependent variables (outcomes of interest). Mandatory pre-requisites: none, but to ensure success, we recommend students complete MATH 1030, MATH 1040, or the equivalent.