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Prerequisites: GEOG 3020.
Geographical research increasingly generates large and complex datasets that may cover both space and time, and multiple methods have been developed to analyze these data. The course is designed to introduce students to 1) a suite of techniques for the analysis of such diverse datasets; 2) the interpretation of results generated; and 3) the appropriate (and inappropriate) use of these methods. Topics will include advanced regression analysis, the analysis of multivariate datasets, spatial analysis and time series and time series analysis. Theory will be taught during lectures, but emphasis will be placed on the practical application of these techniques and best-use practices in the analysis of research datasets. The majority of topics will be accomplished by in-class lab exercises using the statistical software R, as well as take-home exercises. In addition, students will undertake a short research project using one or more of the techniques covered. The course will include a discussion component each week, allowing a review of the methods covered and presentation of real-world examples of their application.