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Prerequisites: "C" or better in (THEA 3650 AND Admission to Emphasis in Musical Theatre) OR Instructor Consent.
Every student who takes this course must be in command of a viable, strong Classical dance technique. Technique will be used but not actually taught in this class. The student must be sure of their center, understand plie, and be able to negotiate all planes of dance: floor work, jumps and turns in the air, as well as weight changes on the floor, and negotiating the space between the planes. The student must be proficient at reproducing complicated dance sequences quickly while also paying attention to style. This class will serve as maintenance level for this of proficiency and teach the student how to add new skills. Core Dance (3620, 3630, 3640, or 3650) is required for 8 semesters. Placement in the proper level is by audition.