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South Korea is currently home to a myriad of Asian religious traditions, each of which have shaped the political and social history of this country in indelible ways. From Buddhism to Shamanism, the Asian religious tradition has provided a theory of understanding of life and death, wisdom and compassion, suffering and joy, and sacred and profane for many Koreans. As South Korea increasingly becomes an global force, discussions and ideas from other world religions such as Sikhism, Jainism, and Islam, have influenced the ways we see our place in society and the world. The Religions of Asia class aims to provide students with analytical tools for understanding some of the most prominent religious perspectives with their roots in Asia as well as the Islamic tradition. Through the study of ethics, philosophy, ritual, and history of major Asian and Islamic religious traditions, students will be able to broaden their perspectives on some of the major forces moving our world today. Moreover, reflecting on personal experiences in relation to these ideas, whether from a secular perspective or from a certain religious tradition, will be encouraged in this course. This course is taught on the U of U Asia Campus only.