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Prerequisites: Declared Psychology Major AND UofU GPA of 3.0 or higher AND Minimum of 30 credits completed from UofU AND Instructor Consent.
Peer Advising for the Psychology Undergraduate Advising is an excellent way to gain valuable experience while exploring and developing a useful skill set. Students will have opportunities to learn about graduate school, organize events, speak to groups, and complete other projects relevant to the department and student life in general. Peer Advising is especially enriching for Psychology students who have career goals in counseling, clinical, or therapy-type settings. As a Peer Advisor students gain unique experience in listening, communicating, working as a cross-functional team member, and in developing overall confidence and efficacy in themselves and others. Selection of peer advisors is done through an application and interview process. See our website for more information and application: Peer advising is a two semester commitment, beginning in either Fall or Spring semesters.